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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Oct 29, 2021

After completing my previous podcast I went into my prayer time and God gave me such revelation knowledge on how to get victory over temptation and sin, I immediately got up and found the passage in Scripture that the Spirit revealed to me.

After studying  this word and taking some notes, I share what happened to me in...

Oct 27, 2021

One of the main heresies in John’s writing is that they were saying they do not sin.  Sin was of the flesh and they were delivered from their flesh as spiritual beings.  This falsehood has taken a slightly different form today, but it is so prevalent in the church, the denial of sin.

There are sins that are legalized...

Oct 25, 2021

In this podcast I tie together the teachings of John with the reports on the state of the world church.  We are in a global war for the souls of humanity.  In the West we can feel as though we are losing this war, but the reality is Christianity has become a tidal wave of faith over the Southern Hemisphere.

I use Ron...

Oct 22, 2021

Did John know that his love letter to the churches in and around Ephesus in 90 AD would have such a powerful and prophetic influence on us today in our global community?  In his confrontation with the false teachings in his day, he enables us to confront the same false teachings today.

They denied who Jesus is and said...

Oct 20, 2021

In this podcast I use John’s testimony of eternal life in Jesus as the basis of answering the question that every person ever born has asked, “What happens to me when I die?”  John in his love letter has the answer.  Jesus has the answer because He is the answer.

John has strong words for those who deny who...