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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Jul 30, 2021

Paul’s remarkable leadership skills are constantly on display in his missionary journeys.  In Acts 20 we glean many of his leadership skills that can help us become the leaders God called us to be.

The pattern Paul sets reminds me of my travels and partnership with Delbert and the Zambian people.  Because Paul’s...

Jul 28, 2021

Has the government become our new god?  In this podcast I discuss my world experiences with other nations and their governments.  This is an extension of my previous podcast on Hope.

Why are we being called to serve the government in America, when our founding documents clearly state the government is to serve us?


Jul 26, 2021

This is a prophetic word on what is happening in America in fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.  We are not on the verge of civil war, but we are already engaged in a civil war of worldviews and values.  The America we knew based on the Judeo-Christian Word of God is under assault.  Look for it no more for it is gone with...

Jul 23, 2021

This is a continuation of the previous podcast on inspiration, which is summarized in what I wrote for that podcast.  We all need inspiration in our life journey.  I quote some powerful words of inspiration and apply it to how we can live an inspired life in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Life is not a sprint, but a...

Jul 21, 2021

Today, we look at our need for inspiration in our lives to motivate us and to have role models that we can say I want to live a life like him or her.  Jesus, Paul and so many others inspire us, but there are also many stories of amazing believers who pave the way to lift us out of the ordinariness of life.  

They build...