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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Feb 24, 2021

Acts is a testimony of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  It is the continuation of Jesus’ love for us as we will now experience His love in the Spirit.

The Resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of receiving the Holy Spirit, to be baptized and empowered in the Spirit.  This new life is the kingdom of God, the rule of God in our heart.  It is spiritual in nature as God is Spirit.

Acts mimics Jesus’ life and ministry after Luke 4.  As Jesus was filled, led, empowered, and anointed in the Spirit, so we are to live our new life in God’s kingdom in the Spirit.  As Paul writes we live and walk in the Spirit.

In Acts 1, Jesus promises the apostles they will be baptized in the Spirit.  They too will be able to love as Jesus loved, to speak and teach as Jesus did, to perform miracles as Jesus did, and to pass this on to every generation until the return of Jesus.