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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Mar 23, 2022

IN the Sermon on the Mount Jesus builds His case against, to convict us of our need for Him and His sacrifice..  He is the One who can fulfill the Law and the Prophets.  We cannot.  He exposes our sinfulness and need for God’s forgiveness.  He alone can save us from our sins.

In Matthew 6 Jesus exposes our religious sinfulness.  We give for the wrong reasons.  We pray for the wrong reasons.  We fast for the wrong reasons.  We do these religious acts with the wrong motives to be seen and heard by others to boost our egos.  We are more about status and recognition instead of pleasing God.

We lay up treasures on earth, but neglect storing up treasure in heaven.  We have an eye problem that allows darkness into our heart. The root source is we were created to serve One Master, but we try to serve other masters like ourselves, the world, and whatever will feed our desires.

What is the answer?