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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Nov 29, 2021

This revelation in chapter 1 of John’s vision of Jesus will later connect with his vision of Jesus in chapter 19 as He rides upon His white horse.  Here, John hears His voice and turns to see Jesus standing before Him!  That in itself is enough to bring us to our knees in worship!

The importance and power of verses 8-20 cannot be overstated in terms of understanding this Book of blessing.  Verse 8 is so pregnant with meaning we could spend a day just meditating on the meaning of Jesus as the Alpha and Omega who encompasses all of human history.

Jesus is soon to unfold for us what this means in chapter 6 when He loosens the seals of the scroll of human history.  There is no one like Jesus in His Wonder and Eminence as He has authority and dominion over our history.