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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Mar 28, 2022

When I study the Sermon on the Mount, I am often convicted with the call to oneness.  It is one of the major teachings of the Bible, yet, I rarely if ever hear a message on this oneness.  What is it and how can we experience this beautiful oneness within ourselves?

Jesus points out that our problem is inner division because of our sin nature.  We fail to obey God, because we sin.  This sin corruption causes us to lose the oneness of God that He created us to know in His image.  We fail to serve one Master because we are inwardly divided.

God is One…Jesus taught on this oneness.  He prayed we would know this oneness.  He called us to this oneness.  He sent the Holy Spirit so we could experience this oneness.  We can serve only one Master.  How do we get to this oneness?