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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Jan 27, 2021

Throughout my ministry I have been amazed at the number of believers who do not have the assurance of their salvation in Christ.  Every believer should have the absolute knowledge that they are born again in Jesus and have eternal life.

They should not only have this revelation knowledge, but should be able to share it with others.  Romans 5:1-11 and 8:14-17 teach us that God wants us to know we have been saved from our sins and have been adopted into His family.  We have received the gift of eternal life.

Perfect love casts out all fear, John wrote in IJohn.  This passage has to do with eternal life.  As believers we should have no fear of death.  This certainty of salvation removes our fear and liberates us to live all for Jesus.

It helps us overcome our fears and worries in life.  We are not chained to this world, but can soar over the circumstances of life, because we know this life is only temporary.  God in His love has given us the free gift of life in Jesus Christ.  This knowledge helps define our identity and our destiny in Christ