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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Apr 30, 2021

Satan, the world, and even humanity has a history of trying to kill what God seeks to birth in His plan of salvation.  Herod tried to kill the baby Jesus, which led to the slaughtering of the innocents.

When the Body of Christ was born on Pentecost, Satan rose up to oppose and kill this newborn babe of Christ.  It began with the martyr of Stephen.  Yet, his death only caused the believers to spread and multiply.

Today, as we near the return of Jesus the persecution of Jews and Christians has accelerated beyond belief.  6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust alone!  How many Christians were killed by the Nazis, the communists and the Muslim fanatics?

The World Health Organization reports that we kill 40-50 million babies globally each year through abortion.  How long will God wait before He sends Jesus back to avenge the death of His martyrs?