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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Feb 26, 2021

The last words of Jesus are recorded in Acts 1.  He tells the apostles five main aspects of the new life in the kingdom of God.  They are to assemble, follow His commands, receive the promise of the Father, be baptized with the Holy Spirit, and receive power to be His witnesses.

We will now explore in the next podcasts what these final words of Jesus mean and how they are applied in Acts and are to be applied in our lives today.

Today, we will study what it means to be an assembly centered and united as one in Jesus Christ.  We are to gather in oneness that is a supernatural oneness of one anothers described throughout the rest of the New Testament.

These one anothers can be googled to find the full list of what we are to be to one another.  If we could implement these one anothers in the life of the Body we would turn the world upside down for Jesus.