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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Nov 26, 2021

God in Revelation unveils for us who Jesus is as both God and Man.  Why?  Because Jesus is the author and finisher of human history.  He is the central figure in Revelation.   The more we know who He is the more inspired and the more we will love Him.

John begins to define Jesus’s Divinity and then will move to describe Him as the Son of Man.

In Jesus’s own words He is the Alpha and Omega...the Almighty.  There is no doubt in Revelation that Jesus is far more than a man.  He is God

When I read of Jesus in the Apokalypsis I am reminded of Isaiah 9.  This reveals to me that even in the Old Testament we are told God becomes a man.  So, let us explore this truth together and be inspired to love and serve Him.