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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Jan 25, 2021

In John Chapter 1 we learn the four primary qualities that Jesus looked for in choosing His disciples.  They are: hunger for God, availability to be discipled, faithful to share with others what they learned from Jesus, and teachable spirit.

We should not only pray for these qualities in our own lives, but also pray for the men and women we pour our lives into to make disciples, that they should have these qualities.

These qualities will sync with what Jesus wants to do in every believer's life, to know the Lamb of God and be born again, to be baptized in the Holy Spirit and with fire, and the life of discipleship in following Jesus and reproducing disciples.

Those that have these qualities become the haft of the sword that is held in the Master’s hand to be used as God created us to glorify God in service to Him!