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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Dec 31, 2021

As we start to put together the final pieces of Revelation, we need to understand what John is writing.  It is like a family party.  The kids are playing in one room, adultes are talking in other rooms, and others are preparing food in the kitchen.  Meanwhile events are also happening in the neighborhood.  

John cannot describe all of these at once, so he takes one event at a time, knowing that they are happening all at once, then soome overlap, and others intersect.  We have to in the Spirit grasp all of this in one ultimate vision from Jesus.

In Chapter 19 we begin with great rejoicing in heaven in the triumph of Jesus over Babylon.  God reigns Omnipotent!  Jesus is ready for His bride and the wedding feast.  He also gathers His army to sweep in from heaven to destroy the beast, the false prophet, the kings and their armies, and eventually Satan.