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Awaken with Blake Lorenz

Sep 24, 2021

Paul in Ephesians chapters 4-6 outlines what a life of greatness is in Christ as opposed to the world.  Paul exhorts us to live a life that equals the call of God in their lives.  This call is to reflect the image of God restored in them by the blood of Jesus and in the numerous blessings recorded for us in chapters 1-3.

This call becomes a lifestyle.  In the eyes of God this is greatness.  It begins in the saving blood of Jesus and grows into the maturity of the actions Paul describes in chapters 4-6.

The greatness of Jesus was in His humility and love that produced His obedience even unto death.  Greatness aspires to unity in our lives and within His Body.  

Jesus is the Prince of Peace.  That is greatness